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Welcome to Fancy Bagels
at Two CT Locations,
Farmington and Southington

Where We Have a Variety of Bagels, Sandwiches and Beverages
to Suit Your Fancy

New York Style Bagels Since 1988
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353 Scott Swamp Road
(Route 6)
Fax 860-674-0337
405 Queen Street
(Route 10)
Fax 860-621-6809
We know how to make customers come back again and again at Fancy Bagels. We've been doing it for 24 years and we welcome newcomers as well as our loyal customers. We have two stores going strong, the original location in Farmington and the newest one in Southington. A clean dining area with tables and chairs is available in each location, yet a great deal of our business consists of takeout orders. Whether you eat and drink on the premises or take your order to the office or park, your experience will be a pleasant one.

All of our bagels are freshly made daily and we use premium deli products on our sandwiches. Fresh panagels and pitas are available, too. We know one customer's taste is different from the next person's and good service is one of the quality ingredients. The staff is always willing to serve up any combination of the products we carry. We have a full breakfast and lunch menu with plenty of room for flexibility.

At Fancy Bagels, we realize that having a great tasting beverage is as important as serving high quality food. The self-service coffee pots at our coffee stations cater to many tastes. Regular coffee, decaf, and gourmet flavored coffee are hot and all you need to do is fill your cup. For those who prefer cold beverages, we have a cooler with Sobe drinks, bottled water and other selections. What's more, we have a new cappuccino machine for those who enjoy drinking cappuccino or hot chocolate.

We do advertise coupon specials in local newspapers and those coupons are available on this website. There is nothing more special than someone's birthday, too, so we decided to start a birthday club. Simply sign up to get a free bagel and coffee on your birthday.
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Serving Breakfast, Serving Lunch
Available All Year
Bagel Platters, Baskets
& Party Bagels!

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Orders Early)

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Serving Boars Head at Fancy Bagels
We Proudly Serve
Boar's Head Meats
and Cheeses
on Our Freshly
Prepared Sandwiches
Christina's Gourmet Cookies
We Recommend and Sell
A Special Order Business
Located in Southington, CT
Christina Wherry
Fancy Bagel's Farmington Crew
The Farmington Crew
The Southington Crew
2 Great locations where you'll always find a smile!
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Made on the Premises,
Not out of a Can!
2 Kinds Available Every Day
Fancy Bagel's Southington Crew
Available with $15.00 Minimum Order
Get delicious capuccino, French vanilla capuccino and hot chocolate at Fancy Bagels.
New Hot
Drinks at
Fancy Bagels!

Three Delicious
  • Cappuccino
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Hot Chocolate
Turn Any of Your Favorite
Fancy Sandwiches
into a New Fancy Panagel
Try Our New Breakfast on a
Plain or Wheat Pita
This is one of our new
Panagel sandwiches.
As shown, a bacon, egg and cheese on a spinach Panagel. Every sandwich is made to order. They're all so delicious!
This month's specials at Fancy Bagels in Farmington and Southington, CT
No matter who
you root for,
a Fancy Bagel
is always a hit!